Get Nerd Bot

Read Before Adding


Right when the bot is added to the server, immediately send "nerd mod vnf4ji3or43io5uiopoi4uiuo23458o893nv8u4r8n39t0q3u8bu98qfq739b8479", and you will be set to server moderator. If anyone else does this before you, they will have full control over the bot. Once you do this, you will have access to moderator features such as toggling the bot on and off, and adding other moderators. To add another moderator, type in "nerd mod @example", of course making sure that @example is the user you want to be a mod. Make sure this is a mention. They will now be a mod. How to toggle nerdbot: To toggle the bot just type in "nerd togglenerd", and if you are a moderator it will let you toggle the bot on and off. Congrats! Now you can invite the bot.